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QC People Management-Quentin Colborn

QC People Management

Professional psychometric assessments enable managers and recruiters to gain a different perspective on potential employees.

This will assist in decision making and enable interviews to be more focussed on topics of relevance to the role in question.

Assessment tools are available in two main categories, personality profiling and aptitude tests. These are both available for online completion so, where appropriate, candidates can be assessed without them needing to attend your offices. Assessments of this nature are highly suited to managerial level roles, although assessments are also available for more junior roles.

When a candidate is assessed you will receive a comprehensive written report on the results along with suggestions of topics to be probed at interview.

There is of course also the opportunity to have a more in-depth conversation with the assessor to discuss the candidate in more detail. The tests used are the well-renowned SHL exercises. More details can be seen by clicking here QC People Management are a SHL Partner organisation.

To learn more how assessment tools may help your business, contact us now.