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QC People Management-Quentin Colborn

QC People Management

Unfortunately we are currently in an era where redundancies are the norm. While employers may regret having to shed employees, sometimes it has to be done to protect the business as a whole.

However there are risks that employers need to be aware to minimise the risk of potential Employment Tribunal claims The key things to ensure are that:

  • Appropriate consultation frameworks are in place
  • The selection criteria are fair and defensible
  • The statutory dismissal procedures are adhered to
  • Appropriate calculations of redundancy pay are made

Equally important is how the remaining workforce see the redundancies. The way the employer treats those who are being made redundant is watched carefully by those who remain and can have a significant impact on morale. It is worth noting that the cap on weekly pay to be used when calculating redundancy pay is now £538 per week. Of course the impact of coronavirus and the various furlough schemes need to be taken into account when considering redundancies. 

Alternatives to redundancy

Increasingly employers are looking for alternatives to having to make staff redundant. Options include placing staff on short-time working and implementing some form of flexible working hours. Flexible working hours can be linked to annualised hours where this suits business operations. If you would like advice and support in handling redundancies please Contact Us. In some cases all that may be needed is a remote ‘guiding hand’.

In some other cases you may wish us to handle the whole programme including conducting consultation activities and supporting staff with outplacement.