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Disciplinary and grievance investigations

We can conduct disciplinary and/or grievance investigations that will enable you to remain on top of the situations you are facing. Our approach is to act in a professional, independent manner which leaves you confident the matter is being handled appropriately.

Why might you want an external investigator?

  • You don’t have the internal resources with the required skillset
  • Your team are too busy to take on another project
  • You don’t have someone suitably independent
  • You would normally use someone from your HR team, but this case involves a member of HR

We undertake all types of grievance and disciplinary investigations including those involving bullying, harassment, discrimination, capability, fraud and breaches of data protection. Our process involves interviewing witnesses and producing for you a report detailing the evidence and making recommendations for further action. These can relate to individual issues as well as collective grievances. Quentin is adept at working with Trade Union officials and on occasions has conducted joint investigations with them.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Quentin during my time as HR Case Manager at People Resolutions Ltd (now Reddy Co). He is by far the most experienced workplace investigator I have worked with during my time here. He has completed many complex investigations on our behalf to a high standard and his professionalism and credibility are second to none. Karen Bates, HR Case Manager

In the current circumstances, investigations can be conducted remotely using Zoom or similar technologies. For a no obligation and confidential discussion about the issue you are facing, call Quentin Colborn on 01254 800930.