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QC People Management-Quentin Colborn

QC People Management

Regardless of how well you manage your business, sometimes disciplinary or grievance issues arise.

In many cases of course these are quite straightforward and the in-house resource exists to handle them. However sometimes external support is needed for any of the following reasons:

  • Either no HR staff in the business or they are fully committed elsewhere
  • The issue involves HR staff and they are not seen as being independent
  • It is a long-running issue and an impartial, external, assessment of the situation is needed
  • The issue is especially sensitive and/or involves a senior member of staff
  • The disciplinary authority feels out of their depth and needs some support for a difficult meeting

Quentin has worked with a wide variety of organisations, across all sectors of employment, conducting disciplinary and grievance hearings on a confidential basis, and whether you simply want an initial view as to how a hearing might be handled, right through to managing a whole disciplinary or grievance process, make contact now for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.

In these days of COVID restrictions we can offer remote grievance, disciplinary and appeal hearings for you, with a remote notetaker if appropriate.